“Decentering Neoliberal Knowledge” (Essay)

My essay “Decentering Neoliberal Knowledge: Toward New Learning and Research Spaces” was posted on CNS Web – an online community of red-green activists:


“A central tenet of ecosocialism –contrary to widespread belief that the capitalist market can develop “green” yet lucrative solutions to the environmental crisis– is that degradation of the ecosystem is not a temporary misstep, but essentially bound to capitalism’s relentless elevation of profit over all other values. This essay draws on the writing of André Gorz as well as a range of recent critiques of academia to argue that when people want to study and teach about capitalism’s destruction of the lifeworld, they should be able to do so in spaces of intellectual sociability which are as free as possible of neoliberal norms. Apart from online forums, however, almost no such spaces exist today.” Read more

Image: cover of Les Temps Modernes (April 1970) with “Détruire l’Université” by André Gorz (1923-2007).